GTEK Cyclone 6 / 16 / 32
Drivers and Utilities Universal Installer for Windows95/NT operating systems
gwin.exe Windows 3.1 & 3.11 Installer
ebsdi.tar.gz Enhanced BSDI driver for Cyclone 6 / 16 / 32
freebsd.tar.gz Setup instructions for FREEBSD
linux.tar.gz Enhanced driver for Linux and Cyclone 6 / 16 / 32
g9comm.drv Windows 3.1 Comm driver
SIO by Ray Gwinn Download SIO drivers for OS/2 Download the WinFOSSIL driver for Windows95 Download the WinFOSSIL driver for WindowsNT DOS Utility - finds I/O settings DOS Utility - Sets enhanced features for the 16C654 UART (all Cyclone products except Cyclone16/550)
gterm.exe Terminal testing utility (for Windows)
iomap.exe DOS Utility, maps I/O space on your PC
NTSETUP.WRI WindowsNT 3.51 manual port settings

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