Support Files for all GTEK products

and platforms

WD_BB4-8.ZIP Watchdog setup under OS/2 for the BlackBoard-4 and BlackBoard-8 DOS Utility - finds I/O settings for the BlackBoard-8A and Cyclone series Sets enhanced features for the 16C654 UARTS (Cyclone 6 / 16 / 32 and BlackBoard-8)
gterm.exe Terminal testing utility - runs under Windows DOS Utility for testing the Watchdog
iomap.exe DOS Utility, maps I/O space Watchdog driver for BlackBoard-4, BlackBoard-8 and 8A Watchdog drivers and setup for SmartCard-8 Addressing modes for the BlackBoard-8 AnDan Fossil for windows/dos (shareware) DOS to WINDOWS (NT/98/95) shim (FREEWARE with source) C++, dos, DLL's etc. EXCELLENT interface!
<<<For ALL GTEK serial cards>>> NT fossil for NT (shareware) Netmodem for Windows (shareware) Modem server software  (shareware) Windows Fossil (shareware - may be needed for older win-95) Windows Fossil  (shareware) Ray Guinn's Fossil for dos  (shareware)

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