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The 9000A is an upgrade to the industry Standard Model 9000. The GTEK Model 9000A programmer is the most versatile and reliable programmer available. Designed to provide years of commercial service yet priced so even the hobbyist can afford it, the 9000A is the best value on the market today.
The Model 9000A programs EPROMS up to 8 Megabits in size, EEPROMS, Serial EEPROMS, Bi-CMOS Prom Replacements and microprocessor units including the MCS-48 and MCS-51 families.
Interface is simple. The 9000A connects to your computer's serial port so it does not occupy a card slot in your PC. Baud rates up to 115,200 Kbps are supported using hardware or software handshaking. GTEK's PGMX software is included for PC and compatible computers.

Data formats supported by the Model 9000A include:

  • Intel
  • Motorola
  • Tektronics
  • ASCII/Binary

The Model 9000A has its own SPLIT facility for multi EPROM data paths for 16 bit and larger processors. Modes supported include a COMPARE mode to allow you to compare a file with a programmer part. Checksums may be generated and automatically inserted into the device or just calculated and read. Verify commands for both data and empty conditions are resident. Intelligent diagnostics allow you to quickly determine any problem you may have with a device. A resident menu is used to select the device type and this automatically configures the algorithm. The Model 9000A uses manufacturer approved Quick and Intelligent programming algorithms to allow the highest possible programming speed. Does not require personality modules. With its internal 120 VAC or optional 240 VAC power supply, no bulky external transformers are needed. A32 pin ZIF socket is included for ease of use. The enclosure is made of heavy gauge aluminum and industrial grade construction is used throughout.

Major Features:

  • Fastest Programmer on the market today
  • Quick and Intelligent Programming Algorithms
  • Supports 1 Kbit through 4 Megabit EPROMS
  • Supports the largest variety of chips including:
  • PROM replacements
  • MPU's
  • Recommended by all major IC manufacturers
  • Technical Support available for no extra charges
  • Manufactured in the U. S. A. with a full 1 year Warranty (extended warranties available)
  • Units are can be upgraded to support new products as they become available.

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Technical Specifications Manual (9000.pdf)

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