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Cost effective, high performance EPROM Emulators perform the same functions of an EPROM when attached to a target system. All communications with the ROMX-2XL are printable ASCII characters and support Intel hex formats, including MCS-86, Motorola and simple block formats. In addition, split loads may be performed with 2 or 4 ROMX-2XL's for use in a 16 or 32 bit data path. ROMX-2XL resident features include facilities for formatted code listings, menu driven part selection and hardware lines for target system control.

Comes with software to upload/download in either binary or Intel hex formats at up to 19,200 baud for IBM and compatibles.


  • Control target from Host system (RS-232 interface)
  • Emulates 256K, 512K or 1024K EPROMs
  • 19,200 BPS transfer rate
  • 120 ns Standard (faster options available)
  • Non-volatile memory (may be left permanently attached to target system)
  • Emulator halts (resets) target system for new code automatically
  • Use 2 or 4 units for a 16 or 32 bit data path


Technical Specifications