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JetPort Family

Phone Guardian

New! JetPortII - PCI 2-port Intelligent Uart Serial Board LDC-1 Long Distance Controller
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Cyclone Family


BlackBoard Family

Cyclone 6 - 6 port Intelligent UART Serial Board BlackBoard-8A - Updated version of our most popular board!
Cyclone16/32 - 16 - 32 port Serial Expansion Unit   BlackBoard-4 - 4 ports with 16C550 UARTS
Cyclone16/550 - 16 ports with 16C550 UARTS BBS-550 - low cost 8 port serial board with 16C550 UARTS
New! Cyclone16/32 PCI - 16 to 32 port PCI based Serial Expansion Unit
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SmartCard Family


Industrial Application Boards

SmartCard-8 - Intelligent 8 port serial board. PCSS-8FA/IA - Intelligent serial board with 32K to 128K memory

Programming Equipment

PCSS-8FX - Intelligent serial board with 32K to 512K memory. Faster processor
9000a Programmer - EPROM Programmer - Versatile PCSS-4&8 (series) - Non-intelligent serial boards in various configurations.
ROMX (information only -- not for sale)

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